To find out in a safe and trustworthy fashion if you’re really eligible, we would like to check your personal data and your financial situation. This is easy and fast, with the Ockto app on your mobile.


It’s completely trustworthy: Ockto is supervised by the Dutch Bank and is registered  with the Dutch Authority Personal Data AP. The AP is responsible for the protection of privacy-sensitive information in our country. The Ockto app meets the highest security requirements, ISO27001 certified. At all times only you can see the confidential data that’s on your mobile.

This is how you complete your registration with 360 Degrees. As of now you can check your login details with DigiD. Take note: to be able to use this check you need a username and password with DidiD, it’s not a quick login with the DigiD app! Upon login check to see if the SMS verification function is activated. You can find it here. Turn it on.


What does Ockto check? For example, what’s your family or partner situation, what are your earnings and your spending behaviour according to the tax authorities, do you own a house or car, do you have a student debt. We don’t do this offhand, by using the Ockto app you’ve given us permission for the check.


With Ockto we can usually check the necessary information about you if you are employed, but we always need a number of additional documents that cannot be requested via Ockto if you are an entrepreneur or retired.

Below is indicated which additional information is required in addition to Ockto. The additional documents can be uploaded via the housing file and we do not want to receive them by e-mail. This allows us to better guarantee your privacy.