For rent: your own apartment with a view, on the waterfront. Most of the houses have their own outside area or balcony, modern living in an excellent and sought after neighbourhood.

Lots of parking space, a central location in the city with easy access, arterial roads close by. Bustling hotspots within walking distance just around the corner, recreational parks at your feet. ‘360 Degrees’ Amsterdam has it all.

The construction – each floor is exciting

360 Degrees towers are clearly recognizable from a distance. But you’ll only see the real character of this commuter island on the IJ up close. An architectural tour de force in three unequal parts. A short tour: at ground level we find the private storage units and a collective bicycle unit, a sloping area that leads to the carpark, plus the welcoming entrance to three public or commercial areas, and sunny terraces.


The first few floors are grand and compelling; a feature that carries on throughout the whole building. Spectacular ceilings of up to four meters high are to be found, in the largest public space it’s even higher. Notice that each floor exhibits a regular but playful look as you go higher, steadily becoming smaller. And finally we reach the identical and slender twin towers. The only difference being: they’re rotated 90 degrees relative to each other. An early riser will choose for the tower looking east, but a late sunset over the IJ also has its charms. The variety between indoor balconies, rooftop terraces and outdoor balconies together with the recessed masonry style ensure that the facades never fail to surprise. Pay attention to the colour gradient: at ground level cool and dark,  light and airy as you go up.

360 Degrees? What’s in a name

Not just its location and layout with its views on Amsterdam, but also because of the architects choice for circular building materials; smart bricks fabricated from building waste, this means sustainable building techniques. No Waste! It’s called WasteBasedBricks, or StoneCycling. In excess of 150.000 kilos is used right here! Waste gets a new lease of life by being utilised in the lower floors of the construction.


122 choice apartments in total, divided over two slender towers and a lower part. Mostly 2 bedrooms, with living areas ranging from 33m2 to 107m2 with extra high ceilings on the ground floor. In the towers only 4 types of apartments, partly corner apartments, the layout is mirrored 180 degrees compared to the neighbours.


Luxury fittings are guaranteed in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Most apartments have their own outside space in the form of indoor or outdoor balconies, some of them with roof terrace. It’s also possible to rent a parking space in the garage under or adjacent to your home.