Moving to a new home always comes with a lot of things.

That is why Wijnands Koornstra and Amvest  have joined forces to make the most time-consuming part of the move easier: the upholstering of the house.


Wijnands Koornstra offers the following for 360 Degrees Amsterdam tenants:

  • Floor service: laminate and PVC floors
  • Curtain service

Wijnands Koornstra has been active in the upholstery world for some time now. We are not conventional upholsterers, we focus purely on large project work. This allows us to deliver large numbers of homes in a short period of time without losing quality and service. A big advantage is of course that you can move very quickly and enjoy competitive project prices! Over the years we have been able to do beautiful projects throughout the country. We are therefore proud that we can also help you this time to make your new house a home.

For you as a new resident, Wijnands Koornstra has launched a webshop on which the range of floors per apartment is available with corresponding prices. Click here to go to the webshop and choose the apartment of your preference.

After an apartment has been definitively assigned to you, you can request a quote or make an appointment for the showroom via the webshop. The range of curtains can be seen in the showroom and you can complete your new home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wijnands-koornstra.nl or 085 303 61 69.


Your apartment fully furnished on the day you move in. This is possible with the services of Move&Rent. Move&Rent is part of 360 Degrees Amsterdam as a project partner.

Move&Rent can do the following for you,

– They help you choose from 100s of items from different well-known brands and different interior styles.

– You can choose between buying or renting.

– It is completely stress-free, they take care of the assembly, delivery, installation & maintenance.

Click here to see what Move&Rent can do for you. Move&Rent’s services are independent of your rental agreement for the home. The landlord and/or manager are not liable for the services of Move& Rent.